Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ideas are to Seeds as Actions are to Flowers

So it's been a hot minute since I have even had the time to post. But not having the time is a silly excuse, since it is 4am and I do have to work in a few hours. SLEEP WHEN THE BODY IS TIRED. It is such a sacred gift for the creative energy to spontaneously arise! Must use it when it's hot, regardless of time!

So I've been in NYC for about 3.5 months. I feel blessed to live in a city that allows me to fall in love with it everyday. Some days, up to 6 times a day. That is a lot of love!  Friends, family, mom, and dad: Texas is for visiting now : )

I am learning to fall in love with frustration too. Today I handed out flyers to support Malt n' Mold, a small specialty beer and cheese shop on the Lower East Side. Got VERY lost on my way back to the shop. But that is part of it, and I'm sure I learned something about the city that will come in handy in a few days. Seems to be the case with EVERYTHING these days. In the moment, I feel like I am wasting time, resources, or energy...and then within days, the lesson or the "useless" information actually turns out to be just what I was looking for. Frustration=fruit for the future.  

Lots of planting seeds recently. Exciting things on the horizon.

The burden of finding out I was one credit shy from graduating a few months ago has turned out to be 108 small angels. I created 108 postcards for my independent painting class...and tomorrow I am taking them into a print shop so I can start to sell my art. Business cards are being made as well. Frustration=fruit for the future.

The seed of traveling to India was planted long ago. And I believe that it will be a reality this winter. To spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and my birthday in India sounds like the most exquisite way to end 2012, welcome 2013, and start my 24th year. 

One more instance of a seedling: back in Texas, a few months before I moved to NYC... I created an elaborate profile for an egg donor agency. I have always been interested in the process and find a lot of joy by donating blood, plasma, bone marrow, etc. So I figured, this would be a great idea. Last week, I heard back from the agency saying that there is a couple in New Jersey (how convenient is this!?!) that are interested in my eggies. Thrilled to see where this goes. Thrilled to learn more about my body from the inside out, thrilled to give life. 

We must implement our ideas, our seeds, our eggs. There is power in action and gratifying rewards to be harvested. Don't sleep and drown the dancing, feminine, creative power that exists in every single moment! I think the universe weeps with joy when we use the gifts of her giving!

It is now 5am, my body wasn't tired, so I didn't it's time to practice my moving prayer.

In love,


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