Thursday, April 11, 2013

Appalachian Magic & Uppsee


Today is my 7th day of experiencing this trail-life sub-culture type of livin'! We actually only hiked 2 miles today, got a ride into Hiawassee, GA from a man named Jim who was parked in a parking lot off the trail chanting Buddhist chants. (Lots of synchronistic moments, this was but one of the many thus far!)

We got a ride to our first hostel this morning and will be our first bed to sleep in this past week. The other nights have been either in a tent with the net, under a tarp with no net, and last night we decided to just lay our sleeping bags out under the stars. After we took showers and washed our clothes at the Blueberry Patch Hostel this morning, we hitch-hiked and got a ride from Sheriff Wayne into town. Wayne was a nice southern man who was jamming Eminem, something I found lovely since a lot of the music I brought for this trip was hip-hop and rap : ) Just to change things up a bit.

Oh man the Trail Magic, or just the good luck and good fortune that comes your way when hiking is REAL.100%

Just when we have run out of water, to be without a spring for another 4 miles, there is someone waiting at the bottom of the hill before the highway intersects our path with gallons of h20. Remarkable. Blessed faith.

My body has already begun to undergo quite a bit of change. My knees were killing me the first day of hiking. So much that I cried myself to sleep, thinking that I was sure to have to pack it up and go home early. The next morning, there was no pain in my knees.

I have been approaching this hike like I approach yoga: erring on the gentle side, yet persistent vigor, respecting the body, and rejoicing in making modifications. No competition. No judgment. Taking breaks to catch my breath, moving slow. My trekking poles are my second pair of feet and I love them so dearly.

The first 3 days were rough. Knee pain. Blisters. Fatigue. Bad shoes. (Got new shoes on our first stop in Neels Gap). But it is getting easier and I am learning.

The beauty is overpowering. The mountain air gets me high!

Strong body, open heart.

All in perfect timing!


Uppsee (my trail name that was given to me!)

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