Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Barcelona and Awakened Men

I just got back a few days ago from spending 5 days and 4 nights in Barcelona. I stayed right in the central area of Born, near El Gotic district.

It was comforting to hear Spanish being spoken. I am not fluent in Spanish but I know a lot more Spanish than I do German and I felt as if I was closer to home.

I got lucky with the warm weather there and spent all afternoon this past Saturday on the beach. Wearing a dress. In February! Magical Meditteranean Sea bliss.

I felt even more at home next to the ocean.

I spent my days walking, watching, eating amazing Tapas, taking pictures of the Cathedral and Segrada Familia. I went to one of the most famous night clubs in Barcelona, the Razzmattazz. It was a 5 room club with each room playing different music. It was certainly an interesting experience. I even joined a Cannabis Club which is a popular subculture there. It was very interesting meeting people there and talking to the owners about the culture and legalization laws.

My favorite experience of the whole trip was an amazing holisitic/reiki/sensual massage I received. It felt like a gift from another dimension. I booked a massage with what I thought was a female massage therapist one morning.

I arrived at the center to be let inside by a very...VERY...attractive man. With an Australian accent. He asked me to choose a body oil that I would like. I chose a peppermint blend since it was a 9:30am massage. Tea and water were also offered. (And chocolate after the massage!)

We went into the beautifully candlelit room and he left the room so I could unrobe and get ready. I am writing about this massage because it was the best I've ever had in my life. It reminded me a lot of the work I do and expereinces that I have facilitated for others.

So this massage. There was a sense of connection. Of deeply being seen, deeper then my skin of course. It was energetically healing and aligning. He held my hand and we breathed together many times throughout the bodywork. (Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary for me to do with people that I work with, but I am never on the receiving end of this kind of experience).

It was incredible. This massage made me feel beautiful. This massage made me remember how I like to be treated, touched, and of the marvels that I deserve. It made me so grateful that awakened men in this universe exist. Ladies: there are men that are radically awakened. Aligned. Know how to touch and treat a woman. And will make you feel beautiful without saying a word, without touching you sexually. This exists. I had forgotten for a little while, but yes--this exists. It also reminded me of the universal language of Reiki and energy/body healing work. The work itself is the language--no need for words. Therefore, this work can be taken anywhere and applied to anyone who is open to the experience. 

I have had an ongoing conversation with my best friend for a few months about dating, relationships, sex, beauty, love, life, creativity. She is a pillar in a my life and talking with her is always healing and fun. We both have encountered relationships along the way with men who do not have a desire to please women. Let me clarify: do not have a desire to please a woman they are with intimately and sexually--however, this ripples into every other category where a woman can be pleased. Ugh, yes unfortunately...this kind of man exists too. Unforunately, these are the men that have not awakened to the power and bliss of the Goddess Woman. But what this really is, is egocentric behavior. Ego that is unawakened. Ego that wants, takes, and has selfish desires. AWAKENED ego receives AND gives.

Taking is not a part of the Awakened ego, RECEIVING is. There is a difference. You can feel it with your own energy too. When someone receives your touch, you feel more alive and excited to give! When someone takes your energy, you may feel depleted, or a desire to create distance from this person. Giving to them is not enjoyable; it feels draining instead of invigorating. There is also a lack of appreciation of what you are giving.

So I choose to tap more into MY own awakened feminine, which helps me to increase my perceptions, trust my intuitions, and have more awareness of my feelings in order for my life to be awakened. Illuminated. For the path to become more clear. To steer me in the direction of Giving and Receiving...

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