Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tingles of Imagination Wild

 Spring Break in a few words:

Giving. Receiving. Allowing. Being. Movement. Gears. Rivers. Water. Yum-yum.

Waking life feels like a dream, absurdly surreal these days. My week of spring break was incredible and quite enchanting. All of it.

The trip to the Ouachita National Forest with beautiful people, backpacking, rivers, meadows, peace and quiet.

Profound love. Perfect.
Tears. Perfect.
Big hugs. Big love. All perfect.

Sirque de Soleil awestruck. Inquisitiveness.

Healing groups with overwhelming compassion, self love, humanity love.
Tears, kissed perfect. The kindness of strangers.

Total embrace. Connection.

To touch back on the topic of my coffee ban and vegan experiment...it is still going pretty well. I've adjusted a few things, and have realized a few things in these adjustments.

I've adjusted to drinking coffee again. (hehehe) It all started when it was midnight and my turn to drive on my roadtrip to Arkansas. I didn't have a choice, but to use coffee and the beautiful stimulant that it is! Also, my mama coincidentlely was reading The Caffeine Advantage when I went home the other night. Total sign. We engaged in a discussion how some of the oldest living people we know (including my great grandmother who lived to be 104) were coffee drinkers. Living to be 108 is a goal of mine, so I might as well get back on that grind : ) I want to develop the soul that lives in my body SO much with years of experience & love so the next someone or something that gets to borrow her can have more freedom and love in their life. Yes. YES!

I made it 3 weeks! So a little shy of 30 days. But, now this lesson is a lesson in self love. And no judgment. I don't have to complete a goal 100% to remember that I am disciplined and great. Unconditionally loving myself, no matter what. No matter what error (or perception of error) occurs. 

Whispering to myself...

Whatever he or she or me does, I love you. We can do no wrong. And even the "wrongs" can be forgiven with time. All is but an illusion. Thank you mirrors.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

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