Thursday, April 12, 2012

Deterioration of Things Domestic

 The countdown is on:
30 days til graduation
33 days until I move

I have been abnormally anxious and antsy the past few days. Like I am overflowing with energy but I don't know where to put it. It really doesn't help when I have 3 paintings due in 3 weeks and I had to order the canvas's online....yesterday. 

Chakra paintings are still in progress, but all of them are at least 85% finished. Or something like that. The chakra paintings have been challenging to work on this week. I believe it to be an avoidance issue; I haven't wanted to think of how they will take my place in the studio, instead of me. I'm not quite ready to let that storm break through quite yet. Perhaps I should change the train of thought to... since I am leaving, these better suffice well! Work hard, put every single last drop of love and affection into these!

Technical-tangible-physical- world related difficulties this week! 

The week I am wanting to sell my favorite couch, the AC unit decided to leak not once, or twice, but three times...water all over the couch. Mystery puddles, as I have been calling them. Sobs from a red saint. 

Biggest bet peeve: things breaking down. Computers, vacuums, leaks, doorlocks, screen doors. Damn domestic things.

I've been trying to think...okay, what needs to be done before I up and leave...I feel as if I am leaving things out. Or that I should have more things together in NYC. 

pppffff, that aint my style. 

Trust the universe. She provides. Always has. This change will be no different. 



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