Saturday, May 19, 2012

Acclimation Participation

Howdy, from NYC. I made it, we made it. When we (Eric and I) arrived it was a bit rainy and dreary, yet the city still stole my affection. I have pondered a new time ratio...or at least some kind of new time perception...

1 Texas day=3 NYC days (at least!)

The amount of new faces, different subways, new languages, new cultures I am embedded in are uncountable. I LOVE IT.

I have never needed to cultivate such grounding and centering in my life as I feel necessary here. Quite a change I embarked on. My yoga practice is my solid place, oh my. I am so thankful for Ashtanga and now more than ever, it is my deepest home. My practice reminds me of home, and it feels comfortable. STABLE. Even in a new studio and new teacher, which by the way, are both extraordinary lovely and kind. I knew she was a good fit when she said , "See you tomorrow, right?!"

Encouragement. A sweet reminder of where the party is really at.

All of this acclimating and adjusting feels great. I just never know here. Always on my tip-toes. I know it's only been 3 days, if that, but remember to me this is about 9 days worth of grooving. Today, I almost got smacked with a basketball when I was getting on the subway to leave Williamsburg to come home. I swear I could feel the little braille like bumps on the b-ball slide on my cheek! I gotta just groove with it and participate.

A few more observations:
**Getting lost=finding cool new alternate routes. Or a sinking pit of doom-like feeling until I figure out where the F i am.
**Walking in Times Square area when I am starving creates a heat wave of agitation that I have never felt before. Luckily, there are grocery stores and coffee shops every which way. SAVED!
**The planning mind is really helpful here. Really. Really. Really.
**My I-phone is a heaven sent device created by all the gods that you and i both worship! (I never thought I would say that) everrrrrr.


It's time to start organizing my route for a interview I have!! Super excited about this. Interview with a coffeeshop hip place in the lower east village.

Distance: 3.87 miles
Estimated time: 43 minutes

HOW AWESOME IS THAT. 43 minutes worth of soaking up information, developing Hippocampus skills, and total adventure.

Please universe, keep aligning your stars. OUR stars.

Sincerely Texan,


p.s i love you.

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